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About Howell Communications

For more than 20 years, companies, executives, institutions and public figures have relied on Howell Communications when facing public relations issues that are high-stakes, difficult, complex, or politically or socially sensitive.  Founded by one of New England’s most respected public relations executives, we have consistently met those challenges with solutions that are grounded in experience, adaptive of emerging tools and techniques, and driven by a commitment to the success of every single client.  Our promise is to listen, think strategically and execute relentlessly.

Howell News

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Client News

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The Services We Offer

Every engagement starts with our strategic thinking.  We quickly learn our clients’ objectives, dig deep into the subject matter – and develop a strategy that is high level, nuanced and actionable.

Messaging & Content Development

Howell develops messaging that positions our clients and their issues in a way that connects with their target audiences – then turns that messaging into compelling content for the appropriate medium.

Media Relations

The “traditional” media continue to drive most content.  Our team of seasoned professionals draws on trusted relationships, and decades of experience both in and with the media, to shape coverage that advances our clients’ objectives.

Crisis Communication

A fierce advocate for our clients, we have successfully managed high-profile, high-stakes crises for prominent public figures and organizations.  Understanding how a crisis rivets public attention like nothing else, we also know how to turn crisis into opportunity.

Executive Communications

Organizations are perceived through, and judged by, the actions of their leaders.  Howell helps executives succeed in today’s communications environment with services such as speechwriting, the drafting of opinion pieces, the creation and management of a social media presence, and communications training.

Thought Leadership

Successful organizations and executives focus publicly on more than their own interests.  Leadership in their industry and on social issues is both a differentiator and a reflection of their values – and therefore important to their image and reputation.  Howell develops and executes thought leadership campaigns that position our clients as leaders in any realm.

Communications Training

With of years of experience speaking publicly and teaching others how to do it, we demystify this often-intimidating experience and arm our clients with the strategies, tactics and tools to succeed as communicators.

Issues Management

Howell has years of experience, both inside and outside government, of providing the public relations support so often crucial to success on a public policy or regulatory matter.  We know how to influence the debate in a way that generates support for our clients’ positions.

Public Opinion Research

In addition to conducting public opinion research, Howell has the strategic experience to turn that research into actionable intelligence.

Some of the Clients We've Served